The term dry lining strictly applies to the use of plasterboard to replace a sand and cement or wet plaster finish to internal blockwork, although it’s use has become more broadly associated with internal fit out throughout the building. North West Drylining provide an economic, high performance option to meet a broad range of construction requirements. We are ideally suited to today’s fast-track construction schedules and always ensure costs are on track whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Dry lining has become increasingly popular due to its ease of construction and flexibility offered to the architect or designer to accommodate specialist design features while integrating the practical requirements of fire and acoustic performance.

Our highly trained workforce always ensure the taping and jointing of the plaster boards produces a smooth, continuous, crack free surface ready for final decoration. The jointing process has three application stages - bedding the tape and bulk filling the joint, secondary filling to take up shrinkage and then final finish (each is sanded down as applicable).

There are several advantages with this method compared to traditional plastering or skimming:-

  • Quicker application time on site
  • Minimal drying time
  • No loading out and mixing of plastering materials
  • No subsequent drying out cracks
  • More cost effective

Modern drywall products are rated for their ability to handle impact, sound, water resistance and fire. This means you never have to compromise as there is a product for almost any situation.

We have successfully completed works for some of the biggest contractors in the UK and Ireland