North West Drylining can offer a range of insulations designed to meet all our values and regulations. We only supply the highest grade of insulation to ensure clients are always happy.  We use Kingspan insulation, installed by our specially trained fabricators and installers who have completed a comprehensive training program. Kingspan is a market leading manufacturer of premium and high performance insulation boards.

Insulation is a passive product, once installed it works efficiently, quietly and continually, usually out of sight enclosed within a structure, a casing or under cladding such as metal stud partitions, above MF or grid ceilings or between joists, purlines and rafters in domestic houses.

Insulation comes to the fore when new design of buildings, plant, equipment or production processes is being considered. It is at this stage that the right specification must be made, that’s where North West Drylining specially trained, experienced staff are crucial.

There are several advantages of installing high grade insulation with North West Drylining:


  • to comply with mandatory legislation i.e. Building Regulations or Standards;
  • to reduce heat loss/heat gain;
  • to reduce running costs;
  • to control process temperatures;
  • to control surface temperatures;
  • to reduce the risk of freezing;
  • to provide condensation control; and
  • or to reduce heating plant capacity.

We have successfully completed works for some of the biggest contractors in the UK and Ireland