Partitioning is the quick way to turn an empty shell into a functional working interior, ideal for commercial and office environments. When completed by professionals it’s fast, comparatively low cost and combined with drywalling, suspended ceilings and good design it will last you solidly for many years. Metal stud partitions are non-load bearing internal partitions suitable for all types of housing, commercial and retail developments. North West Drylining can construct these systems to any specification and can be single or doubled boarded each side with a plasterboard type to suit any individual requirement. These can be installed to suit particular arrangements and can include faceted or curved layouts. In addition these can be combined with a range of insulations to enhance their acoustic and thermal qualities.

These cost effective metal systems are increasingly used in conjunction with wallboards and introduce an added element of ‘factory control’ on-site, readily accommodate building services and avoid the problems sometimes associated with traditional timber studs drying out over time. In refurbishment work, metal systems provide a convenient means of creating true and flat surfaces over the most uneven of substrates.

Every company has working practices that are unique and so North West Drylining design layouts of office partitions & furniture that are individual, specific and tailored to your exact business needs. Using the latest techniques, we are able to design a working solution from your initial brief. Optimisation of available space, working practicality and safety requirements are all taken into consideration when planning. All installations are done by experienced teams to the highest standards.

We have successfully completed works for some of the biggest contractors in the UK and Ireland